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Biberach Christmas Market 2017

A number of enthusiastic TTA volunteers again made sure that our Christmas market stall in snowy Biberach was a great success. Whilst the festivities may seem a long time ago, wintry weather is with us again this February so a few pictures from the market do not seem quite so out of place.

This was my first visit to Biberach in winter, for the final weekend only and all too brief really. Helen and I stayed with Christa and Stephan whilst Sue and Keith were with Petra. As well as enjoying great hospitality and friendship from our hosts and other Biberach twinning supporters, we had a lot of fun on the stalls with our friends from Valence and Asti. We even fitted in a brief visit to Ulm.

Memorable sights for me were the life-sized nativity stalls with live sheep and donkeys, giant steaming dampfnudel served on paper plates with plum and vanilla sauce, and at least thirty varieties of mulled wine and cider.

Most frequently requested items on our stall this year were Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Wilkins marmalade with whisky (had to be with whisky!) and Wilkins lemon curd. We were also asked how to cook Christmas puddings and then to explain why it was necessary to set fire to them. We did our best….

Best wishes from Richard, Helen Keith and Sue.

More pictures here:

TTA’s First Student at the Biberach German Language Week Reports Back…

Alice Rowe was a student – TTA’s first – on the German language week for 18-20 year-olds in Biberach recently. We hope this will inspire others to take up this generous offer in future. Alice writes:

“When I was offered by the Tendring twinning association the chance to take part in a free German course in one of the oldest towns in Germany, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Having studied German for the majority of my secondary school experience, including A Levels, I believed the course would be perfect for me, and I wasn’t wrong. Biberach definitely lived up to the expectations I had conjured from others’ experiences, providing me with an extensive insight into the life and culture of swäbisch Deutschland.

I was thrown straight into the town’s culture by arriving on the weekend of Schutzenfest; a traditional German beer festival celebrating Biberach as a town. The course having booked front-row seats for the History rally, our group was lucky enough to witness a truly incredible part of southern German tradition.

   It was amazing how many activities the trip packed into the week. With 4 hours of language lessons every morning at varying difficulties, we; a group of students coming from England, Poland, France, Italy and other countries; were able to introduce ourselves and get to know each other, all in German. This gave us the opportunity not only to enhance our German speaking by thinking on our toes but also to get to know other cultures from all over the world. Our week ranged from city tours of Biberach and Ulm with the visiting of the respective museums, to laser tag, swimming and a group BBQ with traditional German food cooked by us. Needless to say the course allowed me to enhance my German speaking skills extensively by completely immersing me in the language, while also providing me with life-long friends from across the globe, who share an avid passion in language-learning.”


Biberach Christmas Market 2-16th December 2017

Members are invited to visit the lovely town of Biberach and to assist with manning the TTA stall during this festive period. We are always well taken care of by our friends in Biberach whilst we all take turns  to help on the stall. If there are plenty of us, it really helps spread the work load.

This particular market is very important to the financial health of our association as it is always a successful fundraiser and very popular with our twin town.

Although it is still early days, we would be glad if you would give it some consideration and let me know if you think you can come on any dates between 2 and 16 December.

Many thanks

Joy Phillips

Chairman TTA. 


Reminder: Biberach Celebrations 5-7 May 2017


A reminder to all members that you are invited to go for a weekend of celebration in Biberach to help them celebrate their 40 years of Twinning.

This is to be held from Friday, 5th May 2017 to Sunday 7th May 2017.

The flights with RyanAir to Memmingen are very reasonable – why not consider a short break with a very warm welcome?

Please contact the Chairman if you are interested in going.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!

German Language Course for Young People – 18-20 years old

Are you aged 18-20 and wanting to improve your German? Would you like to get to know the German language and culture better? Then this could be the course for you. 

Our twin town of Biberach is offering a maximum of 5 places to young people from the Tendring area: there will be both tuition and excursions. The group will be a maximum of 30 young people coming from five different countries.

Would you like to consider it? The flights from Stansted to Memmingen are not expensive, and you would be staying with German families.


If you are interested please email:

Look forward to hearing from you! 

2015 Biberach Christmas Market

Biberach held its annual Christmas Market from Saturday 28th November until Sunday 13th December. Members of the TTA drove our new van, loaded with British foods, to the market in time to set up the stall for the first weekend of trading.

Other members were there for the second and final weekends, with people from the twinning association in Biberach manning the stall during the week. We are most grateful to them for keeping the stall open.

As in previous years, we shared the stall with twinners from Asti and Valence who were selling their national specialities. It was good to meet up with old friends from those towns, as well as renewing friendships with the many people from Biberach and the surrounding area who are regular customers.

Biberach Schutzenfest 17-26 July 2015

Schutzenfest will this year be from 17th to 26th July. TTA will not be organising a visit but you are welcome to make your own plans and possibly make contact with old friends.

As this is a superb public festival, it would make a memorable short holiday for anyone interested in visiting Germany this summer.

More information about the festival can be found here.