The Continental Sausage and Beer Evening held on 23rd October

Thanks to all who came to try their luck with our sausage and beer evening.

Ron Stephenson from the Old Lifeboat House pub in Clacton gave a lively talk on developments in British craft beer and brought along some unusual (and delicious) samples from his huge selection of draught beer.

We also tried a range of bottled beers from across Europe, ranging from Belgian Trappist to Czech Black Pilsner. For aficionados the full list of bottled beers was:

Name of beer, Country of origin
La blonde de Ch’ Nord, France, Estrella, Spain
Fischer grande bier, France, San Miguel, Spain
Black lager, Czech Republic, Erdinger weissbier, Germany
Pilsner, Czech Republic, Festbier, Germany
Budweiser, Czech Republic, Keo, Cyprus
Blanche de Namur, Belgium, Tyskie, Poland
Leffe Brune, Belgium, Okocim, Poland
Moretti, Italy, Efes, Turkey

Entertainment was by recordings of Polish and German music, giving the evening a vaguely Oktoberfest feel.  Sausage from France, Germany and Poland (hot and cold) was available in abundance to complete the atmosphere.

The sausage selection was from:

Name of sausage, Country of origin
Lyganska, Poland, Weisswurst, Germany
Piersi Kurczaka, Poland, Kabanossi, Germany
Swogska Cielecina, Poland, Nurnberger, Germany
Podwawelska, Poland, Brockwurst, Germany
Torunska, Poland, White Bratwurst, Germany
Kielbasa Slaska, Poland, Smoked salami, Germany
Zywiecka Wieprzowa, Poland, Traditional Salami, France
Kabanosy Wieprzowe, Poland, Merguez, France
Chorizo, Spain, Salami with Chablis , France