Rolph School Exchange Visit to Valence – June 2016

Two reports by students at Rolph School:

The first report is by Isaac Raftery, Year 5 – Capture





One of my favourite parts of the trip was definitely going to Valence school and seeing my pen pal Amine K. First we went into year 6 and the year sixes saw their pen pals. Next we went into year 5 and I saw Amine! We played a game where you had to read out a question in your opposite language and your partner had to answer it in the language you said it in. After we painted our hands and splatted them on a big sheet. Both classes also sang two songs for us in French. Then we went out for lunch in their two level concrete playground where I played football with Amine. When we had lunch it was so different to are school lunch. You sat on a table with a teacher and the dinner lady brought out your food for you. There was also a jug of water. There were three courses: starter, main and dessert. For starter there was pizza, for main there was saucisson and mash potato and for dessert there was cream cheese and strawberries. Finally, we went to the town hall with them. When we got there we went into a room full beautiful paintings, vases and lots more. We gave out some English presents to the men and women there including tea cups and shortbread. Then we went into the last room that was where they had meetings with the Valence council. Finally, we headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

By Isaac Raftery Y5

The second report is by Oli Moss, Year 5 –

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