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Around Our Towns…… With Our Postal Workers

This, the first of our home-page feature articles, is being written end of February / beginning of March, when I, like most people, have had enough of winter and am glad to see evidence of spring arriving.

Reflecting on what we and all our twin towns have in common – I thought about our postmen and women. They faithfully deliver our post six days a week in all kinds of weather conditions, frequently carrying heavy loads. Often they are faceless and we may take them for granted. Thinking of these important folk, I enlisted the assistance of someone in each of our twin towns to take a snapshot of those who deliver our mail.

La postière from Valence – taken by Agnes Garrelli

Polish Postman (listonosz) in Świdnica– taken by Aleksandra Rokicka

German Postman, Biberach – taken by Gareth Thomas



Tendring District Postman – taken by Joy Phillips

All our post deliverers wear clothes which identify them.

In Tendring, even in February, our brave, local postie wears shorts. Evidence, perhaps that we tend to be stoical and perhaps a little unusual !

Thank you to all who deliver our post, wherever in the world we live.

 Joy Phillips – March 2017