The Essex Book Festival and TTA in Tendring – 4-11 July 2019

Following last year’s successful project, this year the Essex Book Festival and the Tendring Twinning Association have launched another event. Children from Years 5 and 6 in Holland Haven Primary and Frinton Primary Schools have produced some interesting writing and drawings telling us what they consider their home to be.

On Thursday, 4th July we gathered in the library in Clacton: the letters were on display (and will be until 11th July). The children from Holland Haven chose and read out their favourite letters. We were all delighted to hear that the children all considered themselves ‘safe’. Of course, other words were used such as ‘protected, chaotic, noisy, loved, cosy, calm, comfortable, crazy, mess, relaxed, good food, family and joyful’.

The Tendring Twinning Association are asking children in schools in Valence (France), Biberach (Germany) and Swidnica (Poland) to write what they think their homes are, and next year we will be comparing them with our letters.

The children all enjoyed reading their home descriptions and also had a good time eating fruit and cakes so beautifully made by Ros Green, Director of the Essex Book Festival.

We look forward to receiving the letters from abroad and comparing them to our letters!