Update from the Chairman – March 2022

Greetings Everyone!

I hope you all have survived a very turbulent two years – it has certainly led to difficult and changing times.

Both Brexit and Covid 19 have had enormous repercussions on our organisation. Something we can discuss at our forthcoming AGM.

There have been a lot of changes since our association was more active: one activity coming up is the celebrations on May 7th, planned in Biberach to mark 30 years of our twinning. We have an invitation  there for the celebration.

Adrian and I are planning to travel there by car. I’m hoping others are also considering doing the same. Please consider going – perhaps by car, car-sharing or possibly by Ryan Air to Memmingen (although their timetable is much reduced) or from London to Munich or Stuttgart, onward by rail.

It would be really good to be able to have a number of us go to Biberach! I look forward to hearing from you. If you want to speak to me please call or email.

Look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon!

Take Care


Joy Phillips

Chairman TTA