Aims of the TTA

Our Aims

The TTA is a voluntary, non-profit making, non-political organisation which aims to promote friendship and understanding between people living in Tendring District and our Twin Towns of Biberach, Swidnica and Valence.

It achieves these aims through:

  • Events: Special events are organized by the TTA both for our members and also for those in our Twin Towns. Members are informed of these in advance, especially through the use of our web site. Our events are varied, some are cost-neutral, simply to get to know each other. Others are in order to fund-raise, but nonetheless the emphasis is on enjoyment.
  • Markets: There are regular Twinning Markets in both Biberach and Valence. The Association uses its van to transport produce from this area and at the same time brings back produce for the TTA to sell in Tendring. The May Market in Biberach is just for a morning; the Valence International Market is at the end of September, and we need volunteers for that. Again, it is just for the morning. The biggest market is the Christmas Market in Biberach, for which we need a plethora of volunteers. Language is not a barrier, we manage with the help from our local twinners and a fair amount of gesturing
  • Fund-raising: The markets provide us with a good funding stream, so are important to the TTA not only for the great contact it gives us with our twin towns, but also for the continuation of our organisation. The fund-raising events we put on are also instrumental to keep us financially viable, along with the need for more members. When we organise big events, we look to other organisations for grants to enable larger celebrations
  • Language Learning: Being unable to speak a foreign language is again no barrier to being a ‘twinner’, particularly as so many of our friends in the twin towns speak English. However, courses for language development are offered in our twin towns from time to time and information about these will be made available on this web site. Every two years (usually)  the TTA offers an English and Culture event. Please contact us if you would like to become involved.
  • Inclusion: As the initial vision of Town Twinning was for ordinary people to make friends of people from differing cultures in order to promote tolerance and peace, so it is for us. It is important that everybody can be involved in the TTA. No matter who you are, what age you are, what skills you have – all are welcome to become involved in the Tendring Twinning Association.
  • Membership: is by a modest annual subscription. Please use our contact page to make your initial request.
  • AGM + Committee Meetings: all members are welcome at our Annual General Meeting. Any member is eligible to be proposed to be a member of the Executive Committee, which meets once a month. (with the exception of August)


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