A town steeped in history and still retaining strong cultural links, Swidnica is also one of the economically fastest developing towns in Poland. From its market town beginnings in the Middle Ages, it is now a base for many international companies, with their offices and factories housed in modern buildings.

Situated in the South West of Poland, it is closer to Berlin in Germany and Prague in the Czech Republic than it is to the country’s capital, Warsaw, making it an ideal centre for trade and tourism with those countries.

The compact nature of Swidnica means that most of the attractions can be seen on foot. At its heart is the market square which still retains its Mediaeval layout. Together with the streets which lead from it, the shops and houses display a rich mix of Baroque and Art Nouveau styles.

At over 100 metres in height, the towering spire of the 14th century cathedral dominates the skyline, and no visit to the town would be complete without seeing the Church of Peace. Featuring in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, this remarkable timber-built church, built in just one year in the mid 1600s, is one of only two such Protestant churches preserved in Poland.

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