What is Twinning?

Quite simply, twinning exists in order to foster international friendships.

The TTA is a non-profit making association which raises its own funds to function. Whether you are new to twinning, a new or long-standing member, or a current member simply keeping up to date with our events, our hope is that you will find our pages both informative and interesting – enough to encourage you to become involved in whatever way you are able.

Our present members come from all walks of life, and are of different ages and backgrounds. What they all have in common is a desire to take part in the association’s activities: to consider being part of the catering team; to be prepared to host our twin town members, without needing to speak their language; to integrate into different cultures, without always understanding, but accepting and tolerating our differences. Even our fund-raising activities are full of fun – and new faces are always welcome.

Within these pages you will find information about the history of the association which is long and illustrious; you will be able to find out about our twin towns of Valence, Biberach and Świdnica which are all beautiful places and incredibly diverse; you can see some of the recent activities we have been involved in; there is an introduction to the committee, which is elected each year by the membership.

You will also find information on our forthcoming events, for which you can obtain full details by using the ‘contact us’ facility; you will find details of our various policies and our association rules, which are currently being revised. If you are not a member, then we would encourage you to fill in the form on the web site in order to become one. Without new members our association could become stagnant, so we need you in order to develop and evolve.

Town twinning is something that can be rewarding and enriching; it’s also an opportunity to use whatever skills and talents you have to contribute to the TTA activities and it can open up new experiences and new friendships never before imagined. So as you navigate your way through these pages don’t hesitate to contact us or even better, join us!

We are fortunate that this Web Site is kept up to date by one of our members, so information will change regularly. If you would like to receive an automatic message each time there is something new on our site, then please can I encourage you to sign up with your email address at the top of the home page. Your information is kept completely confidential – please refer to our Confidentiality Policy for further information. There is no charge and you can easily unsubscribe should you wish to.

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