The TTA Committee

Introducing the TTA Committee

PLEASE NOTE: Committee members have changed following the 2017 AGM . The committee now consists of:

Mary Foster

David Huddlestone

Adrian Phillips

Joy Phillips

Yvonne Thomas

Robyn Phillips

Les Thurston

More detail of postholders  and profiles will be added below.


The Association has a membership by subscription with an Annual General Meeting for all members.

BERT FOSTER – President for Life

CAROL OLEGGINI – President for Life

The AGM  elects an executive committee and officers for the following posts:

JOY PHILLIPS – Chairman                     Joy has lived on the Tendring peninsula since 2004 after spending 15 years teaching in France. She has been involved in twinning since 2009. Joy teaches in the Tendring District and since 2010 has forged a link with a primary school in France and more recently in Germany. Joy took on the role of chairman of the TTA  in April 2016 and is committed to seeing our bonds with all our twin towns continue to flourish. This first year has been a busy one – we have welcomed a number of new members which is helping us come up with new ideas and renewed energy. The TTA are also looking toward facilitating special interest groups to become involved in activities with our twin towns in order to widen the interests of the association.  We are making plans for all sorts of activities – both short term and in the longer term. We are continuing our commitment to the markets in our twin towns and also by using the web site, which we are developing so that we can communicate more quickly and efficiently with our members and also those in our twin towns.

Vice Chairman (TBA)


Hi I’m Adrian Phillips. I work for 17 Primary schools in the Tendring area as a Premises Manager.  I joined twinning in 2009 on returning to the UK after 15 years working in Europe in such lovely places as Paris, Geneva, Neuchâtel and Luxembourg. I love twinning, making new friends home and away, broadening my horizons, understanding the history & culture of our twin towns – absolutely fascinating. Come and join us. 


MARY FOSTER – Newsletter Editor







Robyn – I am a technical theatre student at the Colchester Institute. I have been an active member of twinning for about four years and enjoy going to the Biberach markets.






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